Shadow Boxed Style

The information below is just a jumping off point. If your shirts need to be cut smaller or larger than the suggested 12" square or if you have more or less than the suggested number of shirts, that is OK! I can use all parts of the shirt including the back to make the recommended number of blocks.

*Pricing for the Shadow Style is $25 per block.

We will work together to come up with a design that works for what you have and I will send you a final price quote before I start on your project.

All prices include the cost of fabric for the top, interfacing/stabilizer, batting, and backing fabric. See the "What is a Quilt?" page for more information.

Fabric color choice for the quilt top and back will be a part of the design conversation! We will choose the perfect colors that complement the shirts provided. All fabric is high-quality (quilter’s grade) 100% cotton.

  • Large Throw: 60" x 60"

    9 Shirts

    Shirts will be cut at 12" square.


  • Bed Size: 60" x 80"

    12 Shirts

    Shirts will be cut at 12" square.


  • Large Bed Size: 80" x 80"

    16 Shirts

    Shirts will be cut at 12" square.