Longarm Quilting

Thank you for choosing me to finish your masterpiece! I can not wait to get started! Just a few things first...…

  1. The turn around time for most quilts is 2-3 weeks. If you need your quilt sooner, please reach out to me at hello@bundleandbolt.com!
  2. The minimum charge for longarm quilting is $50. This covers the time to load your quilt onto the frame and thread costs.
  3. Quilting prices are charged by the square inch. To calculate your overall square inches, multiply length by width. Example: 60 inch width x 75 inch length = 4,500 square inches.
  4. Please make sure that your backing is 8” wider and 8” longer than your quilt top (4" on all sides). If you provide your own batting, the batting will need to be 8” longer and 8” wider as well. Batting is available for purchase and more information can be found on the Longarm Order Form.
  5. Binding services are available. See below for more information on pricing.
  6. Payment must be paid in full before the quilt is returned. Return shipping is charged separately.
  7. Please note that I offer hand guided edge to edge long arm quilting. I do not have a computerized machine but instead use paper pantographs that I follow by hand. This may lead to some imperfections in the quilting design.
  8. Custom quilting is coming soon! I am voraciously practicing my freehand and ruler work so that I can provide this service!
  • Pantographs

    Most pantographs are priced at $0.015 per square inch, however, there are some that are more intricate and take more time and thread to stitch out and therefore cost more. Prices range from $0.015 - $0.03 per square inch. Please see the Pantographs page for exact pricing.

  • Binding

    I will prepare (from yardage) and attach binding to the front of your quilt for you to finish by hand for $0.20 per linear inch.

    I will prepare and attach binding to the front and machine stitch to the back for $.25 per linear inch.

    If you provide prepared binding, attaching to the front only is $0.15 per linear inch and attaching to both front and back is $0.20 per linear inch.

  • Extras

    I will piece together the backing for your quilt at $8 per seam.

    If additional prep work is needed on your quilt (such as trimming threads on the back of the quilt, pressing the seams on the finished quilt top, or squaring the quilt backing), the rate is $25 an hour.

    Quilt tops will not be pressed or trimmed unless this service is specifically requested.

    If backing fabric is not square, I will need to square it up before loading the quilt onto the frame. This ensures the best results!

Preparing Your Quilt

  • Press the quilt top and backing.
  • Please trim all loose threads from the quilt top, on both sides. Dark threads will show through white fabric if not trimmed prior to quilting. I will do this for you for a $25 per hour fee.
  • Backing must be at least 4″ larger than the quilt top on all sides. This allows your quilt to be loaded properly onto the frame so that I can quilt it fully from edge to edge.  Additional fees will be billed at $25 per hour if additional yardage needs to be added to make the backing large enough to load.  
  • Please keep in mind if you are using minky backing there is always a chance that it could pull through depending on the quality, especially if the backing and the quilt top have high contrasting colors (Example: blue backing with a white quilt top). For best results use blending colors when working with minky.  
  • Mark the top left of the quilt with a pin and post it note, do this for both the quilt top and the backing especially if your quilt top or backing is directional.
  • For best results, quilt top and backing must be square to prevent puckers. I will piece and square up backing fabric at $25 per hour.

Longarming FAQ's

How do I pay?

I will email you an invoice via PayPal which can be paid with a bank account, credit or debit card, or PayPal Wallet.

What is the largest size quilt you can accommodate?

I can accommodate quilts up to 110" wide!

What happens after you receive my quilt?

I will keep you updated every step of the way! I will send you a text when your quilt has been received, loaded onto the frame, and pictures once your quilt is completed. You will then receive an email with a link to pay the invoice. Once paid I will return your quilt by UPS or USPS.  

I have a question that is not answered here...

No problem! Please email me with any questions or concerns you have about the process at hello@bundleandbolt.com.