What is a Quilt?

A quilt is composed of three distinct layers that are stitched (quilted) together to stabilize the layers. This process creates a quality product and ensures your memories will last a lifetime.

There is a difference between a T-Shirt Quilt and a T-Shirt Blanket.

T-shirt blankets are made by taking the stretchy t-shirts and attaching them to a stretchy fleece fabric for backing.  There is no reinforcement to stabilize these two layers.  When they are washed, the 2 layers have the tendency to shrink at different percentages, resulting in a distorted throw.  They are very economical as they only take a few steps to construct, but unfortunately you will only get a few more years out of your t-shirts.

Your memories are worth more!

  • Quilt Top

    The quilt top is composed of your t-shirts (with an attached stabilizer to prevent stretching) and high-quality 100% cotton fabric sashing or borders.

  • Batting

    The batting is the middle layer of the quilt and what makes it warm and soft. I use a high-grade bamboo (50%)/cotton (50%) blend which results in the perfect balance of durability and comfort.

  • Backing

    The backing of your quilt is high-quality 100% cotton fabric and in the color of your choosing.

  • Quilting

    The quilting is what makes your quilt a quilt. I use a specialized long-arm quilting machine to stitch the three quilt layers together.