Snowflake Big Stitch Binding Tutorial

Snowflake Big Stitch Binding Tutorial

I have always loved the look of big stitch binding but never thought I had the time with a toddler and big kid running around. Then I made this table runner and I thought, it NEEDS snowflakes on the binding! I watched a short video I found on Instagram and dove in.

 winter snow table runner

It took a handful of hours to finish this 20” x 56” runner, but I think the result is worth it. 

By the way! You can get a FREE copy of this Winter Star Table runner here. 


  • Hand Quilting Thread - I used Cotton Gutermann Quilting thread straight from Joann Fabrics 
  • Needle - Also from Joann’s, I used a random sized needle from my Dritz Quilting Needles case
  • Scissors
  • Thimble - I'm a classic metal type thimble gal, myself.
  • Beeswax - You run your thread through the wax to help stabilize the thread to prevent them from tangling. Optional, but a lifesaver!


supplies needed for big stitch binding


Because I was limited to what I already had, I ended up doubling up on my thread to create that nice chunky stitch. This did cause a lot of tangles but that’s where the beeswax comes in handy! You can definitely get a thicker thread to avoid doubling up, however, and I do recommend that if you’re purchasing your supplies new!

Step 1: Tie a knot in the end of the thread and insert it up underneath the binding. You can bury the thread there if you want some extra security but I didn’t find it necessary. The binding will hide the knot. 

Step 2: Come up through the binding at the starting point of the stitch. 

Step 3: Follow the diagram below to create the snowflake stitch, catching a little bit of the quilt underneath with each stitch.

  1. Bring your needle up at the #1 spot
  2. Go down at #2 and then come back up again at #3
  3. Down at #4 and up at #5
  4. Down at #6 and up at #7
  5. Down at #8 then come up again at the #1 spot of the next stitch.


snowflake big stitch binding tutorial
Please enjoy this series of very up close pictures of my hands stitching out this snowflake.
snowflake big stitch binding
Up #1, Down #2
snowflake big stitch binding

 Up #3, Down #4


snowflake big stitch binding

Up #5, Down #6


snowflake big stitch binding

Up #7, Down #8


Don’t worry, I recorded a short video to show you how to create the snowflake look in case none of that made sense! You can watch that here.

Step 4: To finish off at the end of your thread, tie a knot and insert your needle at one of the down spots and pull the knot down through your binding and bury it into the quilt underneath. You can then repeat Step 1 with a new thread starting at the next up position.

snowflake big stitch binding

I really loved doing this Snowflake Big Stitch Binding. I forgot how much I love to hand quilt! It has been way too long since I’ve taken the time to slow down and create something with my hands. I find that’s what the winter season is good for; slowing down and intentionally creating for the love of making. 

Grab your free copy of the Winter Snow Table Runner Pattern and make something beautiful this season. 

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