Make The Courtyard Quilt: A Warm and Cozy Quilt Kit

Make The Courtyard Quilt: A Warm and Cozy Quilt Kit

Project Details

The Courtyard Quilt is a super quick and easy to finish quilt pattern. The strip pieced design paired with Cloud 9's Warm & Cozy fabric collection creates an epic holiday quilt that would be perfect to throw together as a last minute Christmas gift! The best part is it is a FREE download you can find here

The second best part is I created a quilt kit for the Warm & Cozy holiday version (shown below) and you can find that in my online shop.

Finished Size: 46” x 55”

Skill Level: Beginner

Fabric: Warm & Cozy Collection from Cloud 9 -  Find the KIT here

Pattern: The Courtyard Quilt from Cloud 9 - This is a FREE download from Cloud 9’s Make It Sew Projects

Besides tweaking the fabric selection, I simply followed the written pattern to finish this quilt. In this post, I'll share some personal tips I used to finish the quilt top!

The Pattern

The Courtyard Quilt pattern calls for 10 different fabrics (labeled B through K).The Warm & Cozy collection only has 8 different fabrics so, to solve this, I combined the cuts of fabric J with fabric K; and the cuts of fabric H with fabric B.

For example, I used the red snowflake fabric for both fabrics J and K and I used the pink plaid fabric for fabrics H and B.

Creating the Rows

Two print rectangles will be sewn together with one solid white rectangle in between to create one block. Blocks are then arranged in rows in alternating directions.

The Courtyard Quilt Pattern

Once the blocks are arranged in rows, you'll take a solid white rectangle and sew it to the right of each block (minus the blocks in the last row).

the courtyard quilt pattern rows

The Quilt Top

The pattern then states to sew a long strip of solid white in between each row, called a "sashing strip." 

A quick tip for sewing rows together: Because there is a sashing strip between each row, it is unnecessary to match up the block seams as you normally would when sewing rows together. However, lining up the rows is still important because you want to create straight lines running through the quilt. 

In order to get the strips between blocks to line up, I laid the two rows on top of each other, flipped the row on top back just a little and lined up the two solid white strips. 

bundle and bolt quilt kit
Then I flipped the top row up and added a clip to help the two rows to stay put while I sewed them together. 
bundle and bolt quilt kits
Another quick tip: press all seams toward the print fabric! Always press away from the lighter fabric otherwise you will see every seam through your quilt.
press toward the darker fabric
Creating the Borders
This trick for creating and attaching borders has probably been the biggest game changer for me when finished quilt tops. Especially when I was a beginner quilter, my quilt tops were always wonky. I have figured out how to fix even the wonkiest of quilt tops.

Step 1: Fold your quilt in half lengthwise and put a crease in the center at the top and bottom of the quilt. You can either put a quick iron to it or simply pinch the fabric between your fingers to create a crease.
add a quilt border
create a crease
Step 2: Using a measuring tape, measure the distance from crease to crease. This will give you the length of your quilt in the center. That means that if your quilt is different lengths at the edges, you will be able to square it up with the center length. 
measure from crease to crease
Step 3: Take the measurement you found in Step 2 and cut enough border strips to make two borders at that length. Sew your border strips together like you would binding strips.

Step 4: This is where the magic happens. First fold your quilt in half widthwise this time and make a crease to mark the center of the quilt. Then do the same with your border strip. Line the two center creases up and clip or pin together.
line up the creases
Step 5: Line the edges of the border strips up with the edges of the quilt and clip or pin together. Gently pull the quilt top and border strip so that it lines up and pin or clip the edges together. 
pin the edges together
This is where you'll be able to manipulate the wonkiness out of your quilt top. If the border is a tad too long, you can gently stretch the quilt top to fit. Or if the quilt top is longer than the border strip, stretch the fabric slightly to make it fit.
Step 6: Repeat these steps, measuring the width of your quilt at it's center (fold in half widthwise and measure) to attach the top and bottom borders.
And there you have it! The perfect, fastest, warmest, and coziest quilt.
Don't forget to get the kit so that you can make this festive quilt top just in time for the holiday season!
the courtyard quilt kit
the courtyard quilt
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